Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Show?

Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque! has a running time between 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Running time depends on venue restrictions.

Is There an Intermission?

Depending on the policies of the venue, Holiday Dreams may or may not have an intermission. Please check with the venue you are attending the show in.

Is the Show Family Friendly?

Yes! Holiday Dreams was created with the idea of bringing people together for the Holidays with a show that would excite kids and impress the adults. The music, the colors and the costumes , the holograms coming to life and the incredible display of lasers and projection mapping engage and amaze audiences of all ages!

Can I Take Pictures or Video During the Show?

There are no pictures or video to be taken during the show. Mainly for the safety of our performers as they are doing incredible and yes, sometimes dangerous routines. Also, we believe that Holiday Dreams requires an act of presence to truly enjoy. The best video recorder is your mind and we want audiences to revisit the show in memories and conversations. This is the magic of the Holiday Season after all.