Cirque acrobats for the holiday show Holiday Dreams performing to holiday music symphony soundtrack.


Holiday Dreams Is The Most Advanced Holiday Cirque Today!

Holiday Dreams , A Spectacular Holiday Cirque! is a ground-breaking holiday show that incorporates acrobats, aerialists, comedians, daredevils and award-winning specialty acts performing incredible feats using the latest in visual and technological "magic" such as holograms, projection mapping and interactive lasers. Created with the mission that it must appeal to children and grown-ups alike, the show is a tour-de-force that includes music, dance, comedy and a lovable and funny story—all wrapped-up in a Holiday theme!

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Holiday Dreams was developed as a spectacular holiday show that includes technologically advanced elements such as Projection Mapping, Lasers and Holograms.


Promo Video for the show Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque! Cirque Music & Acrobatics Video.

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Hologram used in the holiday cirque show  Holiday Dreams


Award-Winning Cirque Performers

Projection Mapping

Holiday Dreams is the only holiday show to incorporate holograms, a magical effect where fantasy and reality collide as cirque performers and objects seem to appear and disappear from thin air! Using the latest in computer graphics Holiday Dreams will take your breath away with its beauty and incredible effects. Holiday Dreams is a mixture of Art, Technology and Entertainment that delights audiences of all ages!

Christmas projection mapping from the show Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque!

Projection Mapping

Award-Winning Cirque Performers

Projection Mapping

Holiday Dreams makes use of today's latests innovations in projection mapping. Most people have experienced projection mapping from tv shows like America's Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance. We deliver this amazing tech in every performance of Holiday Dreams, A Cirque Spectacular! Watch as a gigantic gingerbread house gets "built" in seconds or marvel at the incredible moving textures and computer generated graphics that amaze and trick the eye. Holiday Dreams truly brings the magic of Christmas to every performance!

Cirque acrobats for Holiday Dreams, a holiday cirque show

Award-Winning Cirque Performers

Award-Winning Cirque Performers

Award-Winning Cirque Performers

Holograms, projection mapping and Interactive lasers are only but a few of the many elements that make Holiday Dreams truly unique. Underneath all these amazing elements is a strong foundation of talented actors, acrobats, cirque artists and specialty performers. Fernando Quevedo, an acclaimed performer himself with over 40 years of experience performing in the most prestigious stages in the world curates the most prestigious and award-wining talent that forms the cast of Holiday Dreams. It is the perfect show for the Holidays!

The Team

Fernando Quevedo, Creator, Producer & Director for Q Productions Las Vegas, inc.

Fernando Quevedo

Fernando Quevedo is the owner of Q Productions Las Vegas. Born in Argentina into a family of performers, Fernando spent the first part of his life in Europe. He made his stage debut at the age of 7. By the age of 9 he was performing for President Jimmy Carter. After receiving critical acclaim for his act, Los Huincas Gauchos, Fernando and his family moved to Las Vegas. It was here that Fernando cultivated his talents as a performer, music composer, writer, and choreographer. Along his many achievements, Fernando has composed music for the Las Vegas Civic Ballet as well as several production shows. He has a degree in film production from the Hollywood Film Academy and his short, Heartless, won an award at the New York International Film Festival. His specialty Act, Los Huincas Gauchos, received the Specialty Act Of The Year Award in Las Vegas. Fernando’s stage productions include: Cirque ’84; Beats of Passion; Le Dinner Cabaret; Rhythm & Flair; Strip!; Las Vegas Nights; Holiday Dreams; ZzyZyx a Cirque Experience; ESC4P3 (Winner of 4 Premios Carlos - Argentina’s equivalent of the Tony Awards), Borealis and Viva Le Cirque! among others. He has produced and directed the entertainment portion of events for HP, WEBEC, SAP, Abbey Carpet, Best Buddies and Trace3.

Kelly Hamilton, Creative Director and Vice President of Q Productions Las Vegas, Inc.

Kelly Hamilton

Kelly Hamilton Kelly Hamilton is Vice President and Creative Producer for Q Productions Las Vegas. She is involved in all aspects of a project from production coordination, talent, creative concepts, costuming, staging, lasers and  logistics. She loves the challenges productions present that leads to creative problem solving. Kelly has an extensive background in dance and theater. She holds a BFA in Dance with honors and has performed all over the world, including 10 years in Las Vegas. Most of her life she has spent in a theater and that is where her passion lies. She loves bringing the vision to life onstage or at a corporate event.  Her work blending lasers with performance has led her to appear on several television shows and she recently won 2 First Place ILDA (International Laser Display Associatoin) awards for her programming and choreography. 

Michael Licata, V.P. of Marketing for Q Productions Las Vegas, Inc.

Michael Licata

Michael Licata has been a force in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. As a manager, agent, drummer, writer, producer and musical director, he has been involved and responsible for multi-million dollar projects for major recording artists including Chris Brown, Blues Traveler, Plain White T's, Ricky Martin, Drake, Ringo Starr, Rodney Jerkins, Jermaine Stewart, Lil' Wayne, Rhino Bucket, T-Pain, Savage Garden, Rihanna, Bang Tango and many others.

Michael has performed in internationally recognized music videos, on prestigious concert stages and has been awarded 16 Platinum/Gold records. He has managed The Blues Traveler and Plain White T’s. As a drummer he has provided in signature style to Ricky Martin, Ringo Starr, Rhino Bucket, Jermaine Stewart, Bang Tango, Savage Garden, Boys Don't Cry, Femmes of Rock. He produced Jason Alexander at Harrah’s Las Vegas and was the Creator and Executive Producer for

Viacom/CMT's H2Overdrive.

Dario Vazquez is the Production Assistant for Q Productions Las Vegas, Inc.

Dario Vazquez

Dario Vazquez is a 6th Generation circus performer born in Mexico City. You could say that performing is in his DNA since Dario is a member of the prestigious Vazquez Circus family. It is his love for the circus arts that is reflected in every project that Dario is involved in. Whether hanging two Harley Davidson motorcycles 50 feet in the air for an amazing high-wire routine, or creating the rigging points for a 30 foot gigantic Pendulum or securing a state-of-the-art projection system for holographic performances, Dario's encyclopedic knowledge of rigging along with 30 plus years of experience ensure that safety is second to none and that the audience gets a thrilling experience.

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Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque!