Holiday Cirque

Additional Information

Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque! was created with a loving belief that people can come together and experience the magic of the Holidays in a fun, exciting and technologically advanced show for the whole family. Creator, Producer and Director, Fernando Quevedo grew up in a circus. "I remember being very young, growing up in Europe and watching my father perform in an amazing circus and it was magical! The artists came from all over the world and performed incredible acts that mixed entertainment as well as daring routines. When I came to America shortly after, I was inspired by the grandiosity and lavishness of Vegas show. They were amazing! The only problem was that they were all shows made for adults. I couldn't go see my father perform! My father would say, 'Well, create a show and hire me and let all the kids in!.' He was of course joking but that stuck in my twelve year-old mind. Why not create a show with all the incredible elements of 'grown-up' shows but made for the whole family? That's when Holiday Dreams was born.

Fernando was determined to see Holiday Dreams on a stage. The problem was that Las Vegas was not known for its family-friendly shows. "There I was knocking doors and pitching my show with entertainment directors saying that it was the "wrong" show. "Well, maybe it's not the wrong show, says Fernando. "Maybe, just maybe, it's the wrong market." So he began looking outside of Las Vegas and landed a pitch with Mr. Joe Palmer, Owner of the Carousel Theater in Ohio were some of the best Broadway production played in. The young producer impressed Mr. Palmer and gave Fernando his first big break. The show was booked for the winter season. This was a big gamble for a theater owner to take but Mr. palmer saw the vision and felt the infectious drive that Fernando projected and greenlit the show. The audiences showed up and the show was a runaway hit! More than 25,000 tickets were sold, which is quite an accomplishment for a new show, let alone with no famous stars helming it. 

Buoyed by the success and encouraged by the overwhelming audience reaction, Fernando set out the include in the following versions elements that he was passionate about: HOLOGRAMS, PROJECTION MAPPING and INTERACTIVE LASERS.

Since then, Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque has been labeled as the most amazing holiday show in the world. By incorporating the most amazing cirque performers, award-winning specialty acts, side-splitting comedy along with holograms, projection mapping and lasers, Holiday Dreams is truly a show that amazes audiences of all ages!